Meet Rupande

Rupande Mehta is an analytical specialist working in sourcing and negotiations on multi-million dollar projects, employing her skills in team building and conflict resolution for a Fortune 100 company in New Jersey. She has an MBA and a Master's in Public Administration where she was a Fellow of the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers. She currently lives in Denville with her husband and daughter.

Rupande is a proud 2019 Emerge graduate and a community and non-profit leader. Rupande also founded The SAR Foundation, which works to train local and state organizations on issues of abuse and violence. 

Rupande's experience and education have imbued her with leadership skills and a keen eye for detail. Her time as an Eagleton Fellow gave her State-level exposure in government and public affairs and developing public policy. Rupande knows how to identify public problems and has the tools to develop solutions. She is part of a new wave of politically engaged women running for office. Rupande ran for Morris County Freeholder coming within 2 points of victory, giving her time and experience engaging with voters in the district. Her success in building coalitions and engaging with voters gave her the confidence to start preparing for the Senate race. Voters who know politics as usual can’t solve the problems in Trenton. We need innovative solutions and a fresh way of thinking to fix the problems in Trenton. Rupande Mehta brings that with her education, skills, experience, attitude, relationship in this district and a warm and open demeanor.

Having served as a domestic violence liaison, Rupande is an efficient negotiator and engages in conflict resolution driven by empathy. A tireless advocate with a unique ability to connect with constituents, Rupande is running for State Senate to stand up for New Jersey families from all walks of life.


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