Education: As a mother, I am keenly aware of how vital it is to provide every child with a quality education. As Senator, I will fight to make sure LD-25 school districts are getting sufficient state funding to continue providing the best education in the country without the burden falling on municipalities and counties to raise taxes.

I will work to fix the State Funding formula, so municipalities aren’t bearing such a heavy burden. I will also investigate ways to stabilize the largest drivers of rising school costs without putting the brunt on our teachers.

Environment: Our environmental issues in New Jersey cannot be neglected any longer. We need to work proactively to address our changing climate and prevent future disasters. LD-25 has superfund sites at risk from high winds and wildfires due to the growing intensity of storms. We have already seen the impact of toxic algal blooms at Lake Hopatcong, costing the state $13.5 million in mitigation costs and costing the local economy an incalculable amount in revenue. Without immediate new measures in place, these could become yearly occurrences. 

We need to embrace the NJ Energy Master Plan to transition to clean energy by 2050 and develop a green economy. We need to make New Jersey a leader in green technology by bringing companies with innovative climate solutions here and creating jobs. I will also work to incentivize the adoption of stormwater utilities programs by municipalities and work with them to invest in green infrastructure like green roofs and rain gardens to combat climate threats.

Taxes: It is no secret that taxes in New Jersey are putting families under pressure. If elected to the Senate, one of my top priorities will be combating the rising tax burden on NJ families. I will explore every method, from regionalization of services to alternate revenue sources, to keep families’ homes affordable in the 25th District.

Infrastructure: LD-25 is comprised of many fast-growing communities and key commuter routes moving residents around the District and beyond. We need an advocate in Trenton who will make sure we are getting our fair share of state funding to keep pace with infrastructure and growth. 

I will work to fix the Transportation Trust Fund (TTF) legislation and NJ Transit. I will also explore ways to bring innovative companies to New Jersey that can help us build resilient infrastructure that withstands storms and other climate disasters. Further, I will work with municipalities to encourage and incentivize the use of shared services to deal with overdevelopment that is plaguing our district.